Our process is what separates
us from our competitors.

Health & Safety

Urbanise App

Key Pillars

Keeping our team
safe and healthy

Nothing we do is more important than ensuring the health and safety of our team, sub-contractors, clients and the general public.

Sending everyone home safely every day is our core mission and we’ve developed technology to help us consistently achieve this. The Urbanise app assists with everything from sign-in and sign-out, to site inductions and inspections.

Adapting to the future, setting the agenda

We created our very own Urbanise app to assist our site teams with everyday Health & Safety paperwork such as site diaries and weekly inspections. As well as this it works as our attendance record allowing individuals to sign in and out using their finger print.

We aim to consistently improve our systems are currently developing this feature further to include our Safety Management System with digital access to all our processes and additional H&S records/paperwork.


Urbanise has an outstanding track record for attracting and securing clients. Much of our work comes from recommendations and repeat business, with many happy clients using us again and again.

With every new job we take the time to understand the brief and our approach to tendering is fair, thorough and transparent.


We make it our business to investigate and understand the design of a project, from the initial stages and also as things begins to develop.

Working closely with the design
team, we help to engineer changes that will enhance specification and performance, while maintaining,
and in many cases, improving cost.


Once a contract is secured, we finalise our supply chain, place orders and create a construction programme to set milestones and key targets.

Before we move on-site, we make sure our client and design team are fully onboard and that we’re all working towards the same objectives.


Now it’s time to build. Whatever the project it will be led by an Urbanise manager, who’s there to navigate and handle inevitable changes so that client expectations — and those of any third parties – are always met.


Even when the build itself has been finished, the Urbanise process is not quite complete. Costs are finalised with our clients and achievements are assessed.

We look for learnings in every project and ask ourselves if anything could possibly have been done better. It’s a meticulous approach that helps us to continuously deliver the highest quality results.